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Kristen Stone was born in London in December 1951.  There, age admitted.  She grew up in what was then the leafy borough of Stoke Newington, a haven almost unravaged by the Second World War.  Not so sure it is such a nice place now.
   Her first senior school was named after William Wordsworth and the school later merged with that name after Daniel Defoe, so it is perhaps no wonder that she had a love of writing.  She wrote her first novel at the age of fourteen, by hand in a collection of exercise books bought from Woolworths and stuck together with sticky tape.  She wanted to be a writer above all else but was told quite firmly by her careers teacher ‘You can’t just be a writer.’  At fifteen you believe what teachers tell you, so her dreams became just that, dreams.  Obviously her teacher had not heard of the many great writers who do/did nothing else but write!
   Married in 1974 she took a few breaks from office work in the attempt to find an agent or publisher, without success.  Then in 2008, as retirement approached and getting up for work became a chore, she decided to give it one last shot.  For Kristen writing means working when she feels like it, which is probably more time consuming than working office hours; it means working where she likes, on the settee at home or in the warmth of somewhere abroad for a month in the winter.  In 2010 she discovered the wonderful world of internet authors and suddenly she had writer friends around the world, praising her work and encouraging her to do more.
   Now she offers help and advice to other authors through her editing service.  She is co-founder of Blue Hour Publishing which specialises in publishing ebooks.
Oh, and one last thing – without the love and support of her wonderful husband the dreams would still be dreams.  Many thanks to him for allowing her the freedom to pursue those dreams.

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Perfect Partners

Alan Montague discovers he is going blind.

Chelsea Danvers avoids physical contact with people.
Alan needs help with his work.
Chelsea can provide it.
Together they are Perfect Partners.
Join Alan on his journey into darkness. He is a pragmatic and determined person. Not often bowed by circumstances. But this new, unexpected challenge tests his determination to the limits. His long term partner gone to a new job, unaware of what is happening to him, he struggles to cope with his career as a writer. How can he write when he cannot see what is in front of him?
Chelsea arrives in his life to help with the basics of checking his work. She helps him, encourages him, even stands in for his lost love at a dinner party. But she has her own secrets, her own fears and traumas.

Friendship grows into fondness, but will it ever be consummated as true love?  

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Shadow of Extinction

This is the story of that baby and how he grew up. Adopted by a tribe who had never had contact with the outside world, favoured and almost worshipped by the people around him, he grows from a baby to become the leader of the tribe as he reaches manhood.
Once again Ms Stone has created something that should not exist and has made it totally believable. Follow the early life of Kianda Mala as he approaches the Edge of Extinction.



If The World Hadn't Changed

2019. Great Britain prepares for the election of a new prime minister, but just how great is this green and pleasant land? Who holds the power? Can the working man ever affect real change? Or are we destined to repeat the mistakes of the past in a perpetual re-telling of history. As today's disenchanted yearn for a rose-tinited yesteryear, the Smith family simply wish for a life without poverty and suppression a world without the threat of war and disease in which they and their children might flourish amid fairness and equality. But things are rarely that simple...In this unique dystopian glimpse at a world unchanged by labour laws or advances in technology, we discover just how un-halcyon our days would actually be - If The World Hadn't Changed.

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Silent Love

They say ‘love is blind’ but for David it was deaf. That was until he met Sara who accepted him for person he was.

We follow David through his uncertain childhood where he was happier at school than at home, while Sara deals with her own problems, the unwelcomed attentions of a colleague. Sara escapes every weekend to the animal sanctuary run by her Aunt and Uncle, helped by David. They work together and gradually form a binding relationship.

Once again Ms Stone takes us into the lives of people who do not sit easily in the ‘normal’ world and brings us through their trauma with a feeling of hope for the future.
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Blood, sunlight and the urge to procreate: three of the fundamental
cornerstones of life as we know it.
But what we think we know, isn't even close to the true, horrific reality.
Our oldest myths and legends instil within us a primal fear of that stalks us in the deepest darkness. These fears are merely shadows.
Shadows of something far more ruthless, far more unimaginable, cold,
savage and implacable.
Something that moves amongst us in the brightest of light. Something
which feeds upon us when we feel at our most secure.
Award-winning author Kristen Stone, strikes out in a bold new
direction, as she turns her finely honed creative abilities to the invocation of an entirely new kind of horror.

Our brightest days - are also our darkest...

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E Graham (Nova Scotia)
Kristen Stone has written a refreshing take on the vampire. Even though said vampire in question hates the term, that's how I am going to refer to him in this review.

I will be honest, I wasn't sure I would like this book. I like my vampires to be a certain way. I like them to love the women they are with and protect them with all their supernatural powers. Gaunt is not one of those vampires.

Gaunt needs blood  to live. He is an animal who has a need to procreate, need for blood and a need for sunlight. Those needs come before anything else. A predator doesn't kill its prey and then have remorse and neither does Gaunt. Unlike an animal Gaunt has the cunning to blend in. He can use his intelligence to cover his tracks, to woo his victims and to think ahead of those trying to stop him.

Despite myself I liked this anti-hero and his unapologetic ruthless pursuit to slack his own needs. Kristen Stone is very skilled at getting us to care about what happens to this vile creature. She pulls no punches and the thrill ride doesn't end until the very last page. She keeps you turning the page wanting to know what happens next. I recommend DayStalker not just for vampire fans, but for those who love a thriller that keeps them on the edge of their seat. If you are tired of the sparkly love obsessed vampire, go get to know Mr. Gaunt. He is a refreshing changed of pace.

MotherKnowsBest (UK)
A thoroughly enjoyable read. For the first time ever I actually sat and read the whole book in one go I was so caught up in the story. The unexpected twists and turns had me in suspense the whole time. Bring on the next one. Highly recommended.


Shattered Dreams

Two love stories for the price of one!
As a teenager Tony Walker has his dreams destroyed in an horrific road accident.  No longer able to be the sporting hero he once aspired to be he slowly comes to terms with his new life, helped by the one person who didn’t know him before his accident.  Helped through depression and accepted for what he has become he finds love and happiness only to have it wrenched cruelly away…

As an adult he has found success in a career he enjoys, but holds back from committing himself to a serious relationship, not wanting to be hurt again.  Then be meets Beth, only to discover that all he has suffered for the past 15 years has not been as it seemed. Can Beth help him?   
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 Edge of Extinction 
"Once I thought I was a god, but now I know I'm not and I am glad."  So said Kianda Mala.

Why were his people dying?
This is the question the golden-haired, amber-eyed foundling, born with a prehensile tail and adopted and worshipped as both a god and the leader of an undiscovered tribe of Chachinka Indians, needed to answer.

In his quest for answers and the salvation of his people, Kianda emerges from the mysterious heart of the Amazon rainforest to confront the modern world,  what he finds is a world beyond his comprehension: where his people are deemed worthless and the uncaring greed of big business rules.

By turns lyrical, mystical, touching, earthy and exciting - "Edge of Extinction" takes the reader on a dangerous, enthralling and fascinating odyssey into a modern world as seen through the eyes of an innocent.  A world where the cynical and ruthless drive for fortune and power threatens not just Kianda Mala's tribe - but also the ultimate future of the Earth itself.

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Mike Church (Spain)
This is a well-written novel which tackles very relevant issues at the same time@ What price progress?  Is there no end to man's greed and stupidity? etc/ The story itself is both a fast-moving read and a page turner (or arrow clicker if you have a Kindle)
I very much look forward to Kristen Stone's next work.

Reggie Jones (Germany)
I don't think I have ever been so pleasantly surprised by a book in my entire life. A story that not only tugs on the heart strings but highlights the criminal tragedy of the destruction of the rain forest.
Kristen takes us deep into the Amazon to meet the main character Kianda Mala, a man born with a tail and revered by his people as a god. His people are dying and it's up to Kianda, as their chief and revered living deity, to try to find out why.
The clash of cultures, old versus new, ends disastrously as one of Kianda's friends is killed while he is taken prisoner. However, then the story really beings as Ki manages to learn their language and adapt to their ways.
Kristen has managed to portray Kianda in such a way that it's hard to not like him. We read his all too human thoughts and she really manages to put us inside his mind. Though I am no lover of the romantic side of literature, I'm not entirely made of stone and the relationship that develops between Kianda and one of his captors is both charming and powerful.
I can't say enough good things about this book. I would never recommend it to my drinking buddies as it's far too well written and subtle for them to grasp, and there aren't enough zombies in it.
However, if you like interesting, well paced and well written stories then look no further.
This is a seriously good book.

Vikki Becker
Best book I've read in a long time -  This was such a well written book. I was immediately drawn into the story and wanted to know what happened even after the book ended! You know those books you read and at the end you're sad - not because it's a sad ending but because you love the characters? This is one of those books ... will definitely read all I can find by this author.

Gerry McCulloch (N.Ireland)
This writer has a wild imagination - as all writers should have. Her main character is an amazing creation in himself; and on top of that she's placed him in a world full of the unexpected, beautifully drawn, moving and believable.
Crashing into this world comes the danger caused by the greed of western civilization. As we gasp and realise the possible disaster looming, we are drawn to the edge of our seats hoping things will work out.
A book you shouldn't miss - thoroughly recommended!

 Paul T (West Midlands, UK)
This is a book that deals with some serious issues. It shows us the devastation caused by pollution, and even more by the greed and indifference behind it. It deals with the clash of cultures between stone-age tribes and the modern world, and leaves us wondering which is the more civilized. But at the heart of the book is not an issue, but a person - a unique and remarkable individual who has to struggle to discover who he is, even as he is trying to save his people. It is this person, and how he interacts with and affects those with whom he comes into contact, that makes this a moving and powerful story. And because it is such a good and beautifully written story the serious issues involved are effectively highlighted. We are not not just that pollution damages the environment, we are made to feel its effects.

Nikki Bywater
Kianda Mala is the chief leader of a tribal village in the Amazon jungle. The tribe thought that Kianda was a god due to his unusual appearance, he has hair on his face and a tail like a monkey's. The tribe are natives who have never been civilised or mixed in civilised society.

When Kianda's people begin to fall ill and start dying, Kianda sets off to find the cause of what is harming his people. He finds himself out of the valley and in a civilised mining community. He soon becomes friends with Jon, Hannah and Gordon who live in the community.

Fascinated and curious about how each other live, two completely different cultures must pull together to learn from each other to protect and not only save the environment but also save many people's lives.

Edge of Extinction is a beautifully told story about people who are almost living in two different worlds working together to protect and stop damage and harm from being done to the environment and people. This is an original story that does not come across in a strong eco warrior save the planet kind of way, but a wonderful gentle story about human beings and human nature. This book is certainly a lot different from any book I have read before and I consider myself to have been very lucky to have been able to read it. It is a book I would recommend all to read no matter what your favourite genre is.


The Penhaligan File

Steven MARK ANDREW Penhaligan uses his middle names when pursuing his career as an investigative journalist and novelist, too. Little did he suspect his casually innocent use of a pen name would put his life in deadly danger.
When asked by the vulnerable, recently widowed, Paula McCarthy to investigate the facts behind the new "Wonder Drug" which she is convinced was the real cause of her husband's sudden, premature death, Mark finds himself plunged into a deadly game of sex, deceit, intrigue, corporate double-dealing - and the all-pervading threat of sudden, casual violence and brutal murder.
For Steven Mark Andrew Penhaligan, the revelation that the drug he's investigating is in reality a product of his own father's company - The Penhaligan Foundation - only deepens the nightmare of the situation he finds himself enmeshed in. For while strangers can be dangerous - for Penhaligan, family can, potentially, be deadly.
Wry, laconic, thrilling and suspenseful - "The Penhaligan File" takes both the reader - and it's unsuspecting hero - on a descent beneath the veneer of corporate luxury and into the morally dubious underside of business where profit pre-empts the value of human life; and the truth is whatever wealth can buy.

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John Holt (UK)
Take a suspect drug, patients dying and an attempted cover up, add an investigative journalist whose father owns the drug company. Throw in deceit, and intrigue ... oh and attempted murder and you get an explosive thriller than could prove deadly.

Leapin' Literary Lurkers (US)
This is a tricky book to review since discussing the story and characters would require a major spoiler alert which I am loathe ever to do.
  Okay...the book deals with secrets and betrayals against the background of corporate money--- major question emerges of "doing the right thing" for "average" folks who try to take on a pharmaceutical conglomerate.
   The book involves a couple of life-altering events that require significant adjustments. Suffice it to say that the author presents these changes in one of the characters with a reality I know from my work experience as a rehabilitation counsellor.
   Ms. Stone is spot on with the emotional reaction, description of the "process" the character experiences which touches on common fears as well as the exploration of available technical resources to meet the physical challenges. (Pretty opaque what?)
   There is a bit of violence as impetus for major impact as a situational set-up, but wimp though I am, it was tolerable.
   There were definite twists and turns, but readers looking for a stereotypical murder mystery might be scratching their collective heads.
   As always, my radar is attuned to grammatical errors, typos and the like. I am jubilant to report I spotted only one instance --- affect for effect. It made reading the book much more pleasurable. 


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